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Learning Ambassadors

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An overview from our Learning Ambassadors

The role of a learning ambassador is a very important role as Lola and I are always talking to Ms Berry with our new ideas. The role involves speaking with parents, governor meetings, assemblies, monitoring and questionnaires. I’m going to be responsible for our governor speech, assemblies and monitoring. We were given a challenge to have a meeting with our governors, we wrote a hand-written speech to tell them. I felt very nervous at first but felt we achieved our challenge.

One of the other achievements was running our own assemblies. We talk about good behaviour skills. One other thing we talk about is our vision and the pursuit of excellence. Lately we have been going around and monitoring all of the classes. We have been seeing who has been showing good behaviour skills, then Ms Berry will give feedback and change the scores into percentages.

Lola & I also have a lot planned for our future, we gave a task to all classes. The task was to do some posters of the good behaviour skills that we came up with. The posters will be judged by us, the best ones will be displayed around the school. We have so many ideas planned ahead of us.

Angel – Year 6



Our role as learning ambassadors is a very big role within our school and Angel and I are always talking to Ms Berry. Our first ever job was talking to parents who might bring their child/children to our school. Along with the head girl and boy we typed up the learning skills that we decided on which are, knowing that it is good to know when talking helps your learning and when to work on your own. Understanding that it is good to make mistakes and learn from them; getting lots of practice; telling adults and children what you are thinking; sharing your worries; being proud when you succeed; use your brain; use your book and use your buddy.

On the 1st February we announced the first excellence winner. We announced a KS1 & KS2 excellence winner and they received an excellence badge. The badge is a long white oval with gold writing that says excellence.

During all of this we have been doing questionnaires for the teachers. Some of which are: asking about a thought for the week; asking about special visitors and many more.

In the future we hope to do more assemblies and maybe someone to join us.

Lola – Year 6