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Birchanger Church of England VC Primary School

Learn to love, love to learn


Pupil Voice

Here at Birchanger Primary School we value our pupils opinions and ideas and encourage our children to have a voice within the school community through roles such as Learning Ambassadors, House Captains and our Head Boy and Girl.

We also have a school council, made up of year 6 children who regularly meet with Ms Berry to discuss different aspects of school life.


School Leadership Team

Head Girl - Eleanor - 'The best thing about my role is that I feel proud of myself and that every now and then we can represent the school at events.'

Head Boy - Max - 'The best thing about my role is that I get to open the new Quiet Cabin and I read the names of the people who passed away in WW1.'


Deputy Heads:




Our Year 6 Learning Ambassadors for 2019/2020 school year are:

James - 'The best thing about my role is that I feel like they have trust in me and I feel like a teacher.'

Daisy - 'The best thing about my role is you get to help people and we try to make the school a better place and make everyone laugh and have a smile on their faces.'

Jack Mc - 'The best thing about my role is always having a democratic vote.'

Jasper - 'The best thing about my role is that you can change things in the school and do surveys.'

Year 6 School Council Representatives 2010/2020

Oscar J - 'The best things about being part of the School Council and the Worship Council is that I get to help make important choices and have debates.'

Evie-May - 'The best thing about having a role in the School Council is that we get to share the experience with other children throughout the school.' 

Jack H - 'I like helping to plan some of the work that children do e.g homework. We also team up with the Learning Ambassadors to figure out more.'

Alexander - 'The best thing about School Council is being able to vote on what in the school we're changing, stopping or even keeping.'


House Captains/Sports Ambassadors 

Each child is part of a school House team, collecting points throughout the year by participating in different team activities. These are lead by our year 6 House Captains who also have the role of Sports Ambassador.


2019/2020 House Captains/Sports Ambassadors:

Sammy - 'I like sport and I like helping other people who struggle with sport.'

Annie - 'When we all stand up in assembly to announce the house points it can be scary standing up in front of all the parents but it improves our confidence level.'

William - 'The best this about my role is leading Birch for Sports Day and counting the house points. I also enjoy making activities in the playground.'

Sophie - 'I love my role! I enjoy helping with sports day and it is nice helping the little ones.'

Finlay - 'It is a fun role to have. I like to inspire younger kids to do more sports and to enjoy it.'

Our Library is supported by Monica and a team of Year 6 Librarians who help to organise the books and encourage the younger children to use this valuable resource:

Izzie - 'The best thing about my role is helping Monica and stamping books (it's more fun than it looks!)'

Kayleigh - 'The best thing is sorting out the books so it is easier to find our book level and to pick a book.'

Lewis - 'Whenever someone needs help finding a new book I can help them, I like it because it is very important.'

Kesiah - 'I love my role because I love books and helping others to find books and learn to like to read.'

Archie - 'The best thing about my role is seeing the new books and reading the blurbs on the back.' 

IT and Computing are integral to the day to day running of the school and our IT Ambassadors support the staff and other children with the use of laptops as well as helping to set up technology used for assemblies:

Lucas - 'The best thing about being a Computing Ambassador is setting up the assemblies and even sometimes do the stickers!'

Harry - 'We set up and put away the power points and speakers for assembly.'

Anna-Maria - 'My role is to help the teachers with the laptops and to set up the assemblies.' 

Tyler - 'I like having a role outside of the class.' 

Oscar W - 'I like doing things on laptops and doing the power points. I would like to help others with the laptops.'