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The Birchanger Recycling Centre

Latest count - week commencing 17th June 


Snack Packets - 1044

Batteries - 64kg 600 grams

Beauty products - 12

Foil - 21

Mascara brushes - 9

Confectionery packaging - 118

Biscuit and cracker wrappers - 9

Oral care products - 137


We are now accepting writing instruments (pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils, correction fluid tubs and tape dispensers, fountain pens, pen ink cartridges)

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Update on School Council’s Recycling

This half term (which has only been 5 weeks long!) the school council have worked really hard for our school’s recycling project these are the totals of what we have collected and saved from landfill!

Batteries: 33kg and 650g – approximately 1,591 batteries.

Snack packets: 384 packets

Oral care products: 82 items

55 fish have been added to our sea!

We are also accepting recycling for three new schemes.  See details below.

Beauty products

Any brand of:

  • Flexible single use mask packaging the blue plastic film put on top of the tissue mask
  • Flexible plastic wipes packaging
  • Personal care and beauty product packaging, caps, pumps, and trigger sprays
  • Plastic pots and flexible plastic tubes
  • Hair colorant kits
  • Plastic roll-on deodorants

Mascara wands/brushes

These will be donated to woodland animal charities where they are used to brush and clean small animals.

The confectionery Recycling Programme

Any brand of:

  • Plastic chocolate and sweets pouches and bags
  • Individual chocolate bar wrappers
  • Chocolate and sweets multipack outer packaging
  • Plastic chocolate block wrappers

As always please make sure all items you are bringing in are as empty of product as much as possible and washed out wherever possible.

For a full list of our recycling projects please visit ‘The Birchanger Recycling Centre’ section of our school website or the area outside the office or alternatively ask a school councillor!

We are truly grateful for the difference that we are making to the world. Miss Spence has especially noticed that ‘Recycling Fever’ has infected our children. As many children from all year groups are collecting rubbish on the playground, making posters (these can be seen on the website) and bringing in their items to our centre!

Finally, we are looking for a donation of a multi-tiered storage unit such as a vegetable rack with drawers or baskets to accommodate the many recycling projects in our ‘Recycling Centre’ area. If you think you have something that would work please either bring it in or speak to Miss Spence or Mrs Field.

Thank you!

Your school councillors and Miss Spence

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