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Birchanger Church of England VC Primary School

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The Birchanger Recycling Centre

To help with our recycling we are in desperate need of any large boxes you have, the bigger the better please & if you do have any could you please drop them off to the School Office.
Waste Pack have kindly agreed to buy us a shed and they are looking for someone to lay a concrete base, if you happen to know a builder that would be able to lay this for us, would you please get them to contact the School Office and Mrs Field will pass their details over to Waste Pack, thank you

Seals Class have been learning lots about recycling!

Recycling Update January 2020 from Miss Spence

School Council and I have been very busy collecting and sending off your recycling! Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us by bringing in their recycling. Just a few reminders, unfortunately, we can’t take any of the following items:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap and shower gel bottles
  • Coffee packets
  • Noodle or pasta packets
  • Bread packets
  • Fridge raiders packets

All the boxes are clearly labelled by the office with what is accepted on each scheme if you are unsure, as well as on the school website.

Each scheme has upped the weight of each box that we can send off. Some as much as by 8kg and we are in desperate need of large enough boxes to fill and send off. So if you have any very LARGE boxes please could you bring them in to the office or to Seals (Miss Spence’s classroom).

Here is the most recent update of our recycling projects (which have been sent off and processed by Terracylce):

Snack packets – 7,067 units

Beauty products – 132 units

Oral care products – 587 units

Biscuit, cake and cracker wrappers – 1,741 units

Confectionery packaging – 2,300 units

As you can see, we have saved a huge amount of waste from ending up in landfill and hope we can continue to grow this number.

Finally, we have a shed! Hooray! We are now in need of a base to be able to put it up if any one is able to help us by providing a concrete base please let Ms Berry, the office or Miss Spence know.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Spence