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Work of the Week

Week Ending 15th May 2020

Dragonfly class: Nicole, Jack and Joshua

  • Nicole for lots of fabulous painting and working with her mummy, daddy and Archie.
  • Jack for learning at home and loving his maths and times tables!
  • Joshua for his learning in a variety of ways with his family.

Seals class: Luis

  • Luis for his amazing time tables knowledge including division facts.

Robin class: Henry

  • Henry has worked hard on his skittles experiment that I know lots of you have done. What a tasty way to learn science!

Kingfisher class: Alex MO, Freya and Nathan

  • Alex has created a snail picture that he shared with Mrs Cook.
  • Freya has been setting herself challenges.
  • Nathan has been setting challenges with Lego, banners and in his writing about Grace Darling.

Owl class: Isabella, Alexander and Archie

  • Isabella has been working on a number of projects including her times tables. She has created a beautiful piece of work focuses on ways to keep happy, so very important for us all!
  • Alexander learnt from his mistakes, he had to adapt his plan for his desk tidy as he found part of was not sturdy enough to hold pencils.
  • Archie challenged himself to draw, freehand, an illustration for his English Home Learning about The Witch.
Week ending 8th May 2020

Dragonfly class: Alec and Alicia

  • Alec has been learning new skills and challenging himself with new learning. He has been in lockdown for a week more than us so he has been learning with his family.
  • Alicia has made gas mask boxes & bunting, drew chalk bunting, decorated her front garden for VE Day and enjoyed a lovely picnic. Mrs Miles and Mrs Drewery are really proud of all of the things they have done

Seal class: Sofia and Asa

  • Sofia has set herself the challenge of carrying out some research about VE day and she worked hard to complete her writing.
  • Asa worked hard to make a delicious vegan cake and he wrote out the instructions too!

Robin class: Henry, Freddie, George

  • Henry has set himself the challenge of completing his sewing. He started learning these skills in school and he has continued this learning at home.
  • Freddie has shown a huge improvement in home learning and today managed to do all English and Maths plus reading so has done very well.
  • George has continued to set himself challenges for his maths, well done to him!

Kingfisher class: Charlie, Freya, Johnny, Francesca and Assheton

  • Charlie has been very busy sharing sweet treats with friends on his birthday and challenging himself with this beautiful art work.
  • Assheton and Francesca have dyed their own tee-shirts so they have learned a new skill and have something new to wear!.
  • Freya made clay models for VE Day to commemorate such an important event
  • Johnny challenged himself with some amazing writing.

Owl class: Tyler and Isabella

  • Tyler has been working on his art and challenging himself particularly with portraits.
  • Isabella has been baking and it looks as though it was a tasty challenge too!
Week Ending 1st May 2020

Dragonfly class:

Isaac, Leni, Oliver, Alex, Hudson and George

  • Isaac did well with time. He knows the basics- 60 seconds in a minutes, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and can say them in order. He has learnt times as 9:00 and 9 o’clock and 9:30 and half past 9. He knows that the clock has 5 minute intervals between the big hands on the clock but cannot read those times. He made a Lego rainbow early on in lockdown and has added to it this week. He has also persevered and completed a wonderful owl sewing kit.
  • Leni showed her mum how to make fossils out of clay that they were shown how to make at school! She has made a rain water trap today and are going to monitor it over the next few days as we have a lot rainy days forecast! She have also been foraging this past week and have identified and eaten lots of weird and wonderful things on our daily walks! Some good and some that we definitely wouldn't eat again in a hurry! So far we have eaten, daisies, dandelions, wild onions, 3 cornered leeks and we are keeping an eye on the elderflower bushes and waiting for them to flower so we can make elderflower cordial...which we make every year and is always delicious!
  • Oliver has worked hard on his 100 square, playing games with his adults.
  • Alex has been cooking and decorating dinosaur biscuits and then he built a den with Charlie on the trampoline and they stayed overnight in it.
  • Hudson is very proud of his writing and spellings.
  • George has worked really hard on his Minecraft English work writing about the picture and designing his own.

Seal class:

Jack and George R

  • Jack has been very busy and he has set the challenge of creating this very detailed clay owl.
  • George R’s challenge was to work on his handwriting and look how well he has done!

Robin class:

Jennifer, Mason and Sienna

  • Jennifer has been given Work of the Week for her PowerPoint about Christopher Columbus. 
  • Mason and Sienna have been setting themselves challenges with their maths.

Kingfisher class:

Angel, Zack, Nathan and Abigail

  • Angel has been learning form his mistakes through his maths, he also created some beautiful art work.
  • Nathan has been working hard or create a PowerPoint which you can see in full on the website.
  • Zack has set himself challenges by taking part in the weekly Year 6 challenges set by the Sports consortium. Each day he tries to beat his own score.
  • Abigail has been working hard on her math and showing her level of challenge.

Owl class: 

Eleanor, Max, Kesiah and James

  • Eleanor and Max have set themselves huge challenges over the last few weeks with their sport and fitness they have been challenging each other during the school closure.
  • Kesiah has created a PowerPoint 
  • James has written a letter to Boris Johnson about the need for us to have pets at this time.