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Diana Award - Anti-Bullying

All of our Year 6s are our nominated 'Anti-bullying Ambassadors' .  When they were in Yr 5 they spent time in lessons  working towards the Diana Award.  Each group completed a number of activities throughout school in order to earn a specific badge of recognition.  The children have wriiten the content for this area in the website and it describes some of the activites that they took part in. 


Community Action Group

We are anti-bullying ambassadors (the community action group) and our job is to make sure this school is bully-free and to spread awareness of how horrible bullying can be.  Firstly, we did a whole-school assembly on this topic.  More recently we have designed and sold badges at the Christmas Fair in order to promote awareness of anti-bullying in school and our community.  We  invited our local MP, Ms Badenoch, to come in to meet us.  She is came in on March 25th in order to spread awareness of anti-bullying throughout our community.


Respect Group

We are the anti-bullying Respect Group and we make sure that our school treats everybody fairly, regardless of differences such as disabilities, religious beliefs or skin colour etc.  We believe that our school should be inclusive and celebrate our differences!  We have carried out a whole-school assembly, held a competition for all classes to create an antibullying heart (the winners are on display in our reception area), and carried out a pupil survey on equality in the school.  Our finalproject was to run a lunchtime football club which everybody is invited to!

Online Safety Group

We are the anti-bullying Online Safety group and we are concerned with keeping everyone in school safe when they are using technology.  So far we have delivered a whole-school assembly and designed a screen-saver which every teacher is going to use on their IWBs to make sure the children know how to keep safe.  During Online Safety Week we also talked to all the classes about how to keep safe when playing games on line or using their phones.

Wellbeing Group


We are the anti-bullying Wellbeing Group and we help to make sure the children in school have good mental wellbeing and know how to achieve this.   In November 2021 we did a drama roleplay to the whole school to help them understand the different types of bullying.  This term each year group joined in with a collaborative Art Project as part of one of our 'Wellbeing Days'.  We have also run a lunchtime 'Antibullying Powerpoint' Club which lots of children came to and designed their own powerpoints.  We then decided which ones were the winners and they got to show it in assembly.  Our final project was to ask all pupils in school to complete a 'Wellbeing Survey' so that we can see where we can further develop our work on having good mental wellbeing.

Recognition form the charity

In July we were one of two school nationally who were invited to bring some of our ambassdaors to the Diana Awrd show case event. This was held in central London and was held in conjunction with the Nationwide Builidng Society and the Football Association.

During the showcase we were invited to share the work that we had carried out at our school.

Over the summer holidays one of our ambassaders was invited to join the filming of the Big Assembly. This assembly was distributed nationally and was played in hundred of schools to help promote an antibullying ethos.

The Diana Award - Nationwide Building Society (

The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2022 - YouTube