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Life in All Its Fullness

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Life in All Its Fullness


Pupil Leaders

Here at Birchanger Primary C of E Primary School we value the opinions and ideas of our pupils and we encourage our children to have a voice within the school community. We believe that the work that we do on our learning values supports children to have the confidence to take an active part in the running of our school. 

Currently we run groups of anti bullying ambassadors, an eco council, a school council, and a worship council.


For our older children in Yr 6 we give  specific roles to help lead the school. These roles include Head boy and head girl, house captains, librarians and sports ambassadors.


Our SEND children are also active membes of MSC (Multi Skills Council). This is an Essex-wide group of children who come togteher to promote inclusion in our schools.




Our children's roles

Headboys and head girls

We have three head boys and three head girls this year. This leadership team were chosen for the way that they demonstrate the school values of love, care, courage and truth.

They have also demonstrated the learning behaviours of tenacity consistently in their work. 

These children wil represent the school in events within our builidng and elsewhere.

House Captains

Each child is part of a school House team, collecting points throughout the year by participating in different team activities. 

One boy and one girl from Year 6 become house captains. They have the imporant job of collecting and counting the house points at the end of each week and they announce  which house is the winner. The house captains give a total each wekk and at the end of each term thye let the school community know the house with the greattest number of points overall. 

A non -uniform day is awarded to the winning house where tehy are encouarged to wear their house colour in some form.




L4L ambassadors

In our school we call PSHCE lessons Learrning for Life (L4L) lessons. Several of our Yr 6 children are chosen as L4L ambassadors. They have  anumber of roles within our shcool. They talk to the children about thier wellbeing and they  have a trsong focus on younger or new children to our school.

Learning ambasadors

Some of our Year 6 children have been selected to be our learning ambassadors. These children help us to improve the leraning experiences of all of our children. They do this by asking the chldren what learning is effective and what they love doing. They have their own ideas of how to improve the school such as thorugh lunchtime clubs. 


We have built up our library over the last few years supported by parent volunteers and several generous donations from the PTA. Our librarians help us to keep this lovely room in order so that all of our children can find the book that they are looking for.

In 2022/23 the librarians will also be learning ambassadors. 




Performance ambassadors

This is a new role of us. Several of the Year 6 children who love to dance and to perform are going to lead our Thursday worship during i-sing pop. They run a dance club for children on Friday lunchtimes.

Sports captains

We have a small team of children who have been chosen as sports captains. These children help us to develop the sport in our school. These chidren help others at lunchtimes and in some of our annual events such as sports day.